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Sunday, 2 September 2012


Hello folks,
My daughter gave me an iPad for Fathers' Day in September, 2012.The suggestion was that I could start up my own Blogsite.
My daughter, Jane, set up the site and named it The Font of Noelage. I am far to humble and not witty enough to have thought that title up.
I am new to this Blog business, but I intend to use it to post my thoughts on various matters. Some will be the published and unpublished letters and stories that I have sent to the newspapers over the years plus some articles that I have written for educational magazines since the early 1990s.
Of course I will also write about current events in education, politics, sport or  whatever happens to take my fancy.
I have no idea how anyone will actually stumble on to my blog site but if you do, please feel free to respond. Maybe you could also pass on the site location to your family and friends.
I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions too. However keep it clean and positive, as I shall try to do.

At the Quokka Arms after a hard day at the beach. Rottnest Island, January, 2013.


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